Having received so many benefits from reading the testimonies...

Having received so many benefits from reading the testimonies given in the Christian Science periodicals I feel it my duty to share my experiences with others. I have had several healings of blood poisoning. Two or three years ago I experienced a fractured shin bone and severe blood poisoning set in. Christian Science help was asked for, and during all the time before the complete healing took place I was able to be about my work and was not in any way limited in my activities. Also, a few years ago, I had an attack of the same kind in my right hand, but the truth was applied and I was able to use this hand in my work and to do everything that it was necessary for me to do. Once, while coming down a mountain side I slipped and fell on my left knee, cutting a long and deep gash in it. This condition was also overcome without my being forced to stop work. Not once during the time required for the wounds to close up did I experience an undue amount of pain, and there was no suffering such as is common in cases of blood poisoning.

I have had numerous healings other than physical, for which I am very grateful. I have found that Christian Science, when properly applied to any problem, large or small, never fails to work it out harmoniously and in the right way for all concerned.

I am very grateful for The Christian Science Monitor. As it covers every phase of the things worth while in life, a well-rounded education can be acquired from reading it carefully and systematically. I am also very grateful for membership in The Mother Church and in a branch church, and for the privilege of serving in its activities. Also for the wonderful privilege of class instruction, which is one of the greatest experiences anyone can go through.

Testimony of Healing
I want to express my gratitude for more than twenty years...
July 9, 1932

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