In 1919, when I was serving on a British cruiser stationed...

In 1919, when I was serving on a British cruiser stationed in the Baltic, Christian Science was offered me by the commander of the ship. I shall never forget the loving-kindness shown and the help so generously given. One night I lay awake suffering intensely from a whitlow which came on my finger. In the morning I spoke of this to the commander and he offered to help me. From that time all pain left, and although it was about a fortnight before the finger was quite well, I was able to attend to my duties without inconvenience. Also, I have been healed of synovitis in the knee, influenza, rheumatism, and a great fear of inability and lack. Through Christian Science I have gained the comforting assurance that God and His creation are perfect, and that to understand this truth destroys such beliefs as sin, disease, poverty, and death.

Some years ago, when at work in a warehouse, I lifted quickly what I thought was an empty packing case, but which was actually full and very heavy. This caused me a great deal of pain, and for several days I felt very lame and could move about only with difficulty. As Wednesday came around I decided to go to the Christian Science testimony meeting, knowing that there would be enough truth given out to heal me or anyone else seeking help. When it was time to go to the meeting, I walked slowly and painfully to the church, feeling very weak and tired. When the meeting, at which I drank in every word, was over, I realized I had completely forgotten my problem while listening to the readings and testimonies. The result was that I walked out of that church upright and free from pain and overflowing with gratitude to God for this great blessing.

July 9, 1932

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