Whenever I read the testimonies in the Journal and Sentinel...

Whenever I read the testimonies in the Journal and Sentinel I feel humble gratitude to God for what He is doing for His children. The thought comes that God made all, and for His "pleasure they are and were created;" therefore, all these things are for the glory of God. Then comes the question, Why do I not join, and let the world know what Christian Science has done for me and mine since March, 1891, when I was instantaneously healed of ailments too numerous to mention?

From childhood I had been an earnest student of the Bible, had a great desire to know God aright, and believed He answered prayer. I always turned to God with the simplest problems in my daily life. But I was very sensitive—afraid to have my nearest kin know that I read the Bible or that I prayed; so I read in my bedroom at night and also at a very desolate place under a rocky cliff on the farm where I was raised. One day, while there I was reading and pondering about Jesus, how he healed the sick and commanded his disciples to heal, the thought came to me that the church to which I belonged did not practice what Jesus taught. I fell on my knees and prayed earnestly to God to show me the way. The realization of the nothingness of matter as real, or substance, came to me. The vision frightened me, and I went home fearing that I was losing my reason; and I never had courage to go back to that spot again. I had evidently asked for more than I was ready to receive. That was about the year 1885, and at that time I had never heard of Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
It is with deepest gratitude that I give this testimony...
July 9, 1932

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