I should like to express my great gratitude for the many...

I should like to express my great gratitude for the many blessings I have received through Christian Science, especially for a healing which I experienced some years ago. Always when I think of this healing I thank God with my whole heart for His infinite love, with which He blesses all His children, and which I felt so clearly in the darkest hours of my life.

One day I fell ill with a very high fever, and my nose began to swell. This swelling at last spread over my whole head, and I suffered unbearably. My condition grew so much worse in a few days that my people, who lived in Buitenzorg, were sent for, and immediately they came to Batavia to take me home in a taxicab. When we arrived there, my sister at once called a doctor to diagnose my case and give me a certificate for the department where I was employed. He said the trouble was a blood poisoning before which materia medica was helpless; he could apply a certain remedy, but he had not much faith in it. He wanted to prescribe something for my heart, but I refused, telling him that I wanted only Christian Science help. My father, who is not a Christian Scientist, was going to insist upon my taking it, but the doctor silenced him by saying that we have not the right to force one another, but that we should respect one another's convictions.

Testimony of Healing
After studying Christian Science for fourteen years I am...
May 14, 1932

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