The Fruit of Our Labor

There is a human tendency to expect evil instead of good. The expectation of good rather than its opposite—evil—was one of the revolutionary steps our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, took, and pointed out to others as necessary, in metaphysical thinking. Even prayerful people had become accustomed to look upon the promises of the Bible with faint hope instead of with a definite expectancy of any present manifestation of the power of God, good.

Throughout the ages false theology and fear have built up a mythical mental condition which needs to be transformed. It had long been said that great artists rarely lived to see the fruition of their work. Were not the good supposed to die young? Was it not sometimes feared that those we had nourished might turn against us? Was not evil supposed to flourish in a greater degree than good? As for the overburdened righteous man, his only reward was in heaven, a supposed place of mystery beyond this realm of existence. Such is the maelstrom of false beliefs associated with hatred, resentment, and injustice. Many times, as we look about us, some phase of false material theory appears to be true; but, as in the case of sickness, we should not allow this dream to appear real in any instance, and as students of Christian Science should guard our consciousness from the superstitious fear that we ourselves shall not profit here and now from good works.

A Happy New Year
December 31, 1932

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