The statement the committee made that money spent...

United States Daily

The statement the committee made that money spent on Christian Science treatment is sometimes "unsound, dangerous, and wasteful," could just as well be applied to treatment by medical doctors and more aptly so had the patient persisted in continuing unsuccessful medical treatment instead of being healed in Christian Science. The report goes on to claim that present legislation does not protect the public from unqualified practitioners because their standard is not so high as it is for the medical practitioners.

Also it says, "While religious healing is able to accomplish beneficial results in some conditions, it may be harmful when practiced by those unable to diagnose disease, especially when it is held that disease is an illusion." The standard for practice in Christian Science is of the highest order. It is not gauged materially, for its practice is not on a material but a spiritual basis. The teaching of Christ Jesus is the goal to which every earnest Christian Scientist aspires and the standard by which he practices.

November 5, 1932

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