Awakening to Trust in God

When one starts on the mental journey out of bondage to material sense, his passage out of the wilderness is lightened by his knowing that in the realm of Love, the divine Mind, is the true state of consciousness in which man dwells. This assurance is implied in the words of Moses to the children of Israel after their departure from Egypt, "And he brought us out from thence, that he might bring us in, to give us the land which he sware unto our fathers." The journey of the children of Israel from Egyptian bondage to the promised land is typical of human experience and universal in its application to the needs of mortals.

Today, as a result of economic changes, many are finding themselves in the midst of a mental migration. Driven out from the habitations of thought formerly deemed secure, like nomads of old they are seeking a happier land, where they can dwell free from the tyranny of fear and lack. It is being learned that subjection to this tyranny of fear and lack has resulted from dependence upon matter as a source of supply, with no underlying recognition or acknowledgment of the infinite resources of Spirit. Accompanying this awakening is the certain knowledge that God is worthy of trust, since He is the never failing refuge and support.

Prosperous Business
November 5, 1932

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