Nearly six years ago I submitted to a major operation...

Nearly six years ago I submitted to a major operation for stomach trouble without experiencing any relief, only more suffering; however, as time went on I continued to seek help through materia medica, going from one specialist to another and finally continuing a long course of treatments at a noted clinic in a near-by city.

While returning on the train from one of these visits, after being told by the physicians that my case had been diagnosed as ulcers of the stomach with additional serious complications, I noticed what I thought was a magazine left in one of the seats near me. Picking it up, I found it to be a copy of The Christian Science Journal, and I was about to cast it aside when my attention was drawn to the words, "Testimonies of Healing." I do not think I shall ever forget the hope that arose within me after reading the many expressions of gratitude by those who had seen the light, and through faith and understanding had been healed of disease and sin through the application of Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science is teaching me how to think and how...
November 5, 1932

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