They "fell at his feet"

Astudy of the healings performed by Christ Jesus is interesting and profitable from many standpoints. It is helpful to note the attitude in which those who sought help approached Jesus. According to the accounts given by the writers of the four Gospels, many classes of people came to him for the healing of various forms of disorder. We are told that the ruler of a synagogue came seeking help, also an officer of the Roman army, a Syrophenician woman, some designated only as lepers, lunatics, blind men, and many others. From widely separated stations in life, of different nationalities, in various degrees of need they came to him for healing. A group picture of those whose healings are recorded would present a study in contrasts.

It might be expected that the manner in which these different types approached Jesus would be as distinctly unlike as the classes represented. The man of recognized intellectual ability might have desired first to discuss the possible advantage of the spiritually mental method over the material systems of healing then prevalent; the religionist might have wished to be satisfied as to God's willingness to have him healed at that particular time; the skeptic might have presented the challenge to see if he could heal his case. Innumerable pictures could be drawn depicting the possible attitudes in which these people turned to Christ Jesus, but the Gospel narratives reveal a striking similarity in these meetings. Of some it is written that they "fell at his feet."

How to be Happy
November 5, 1932

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