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With overflowing joy and deep gratitude I take the opportunity...

With overflowing joy and deep gratitude I take the opportunity to give public testimony to the great blessings which have come to me through Christian Science. My life in the latter years of the troublous war times and the consequent heavy reverses was such that my morale was quite shot to pieces, and I became despondent and discontented. Inevitably, therefore, severe illness came upon me. Unremitting sick headaches, stomach and bowel troubles, sciatica, and insomnia became chronic with me. These conditions caused me to be very miserable, and made my life full of fear and constant care; so that the thought often came to me to put myself out of the way. At this point I found Christian Science, and the "still small voice" of the Christ whispered to me, "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." I at once grasped the majesty and import of this lofty teaching and plunged with zeal into the study of the works written by our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy. Through self-immolation, gratitude, and faithful clinging to these teachings I was completely cured of the aforementioned diseases, and once more I have become a healthy, joyous, and useful person.

In my everyday life I have also had many splendid proofs of the ever-presence of divine Love. One morning I had a very severe nosebleed, but through the declaration of the truth, as it is taught by Mrs. Eddy, the bleeding ceased as suddenly as it had begun. A dental and oral ulcer and a skin infection on the hand, mouth, and chin were overcome in the same way. At one time several large pieces of cinder flew into my eye. At once I realized my heritage as God's child, filled my thought with the contents of the wondrous, richly instructive Lesson-Sermon in the Christian Science Quarterly, and the cinders disappeared. I used nothing material to remove them. I have had numerous other proofs that Christian Science is the truth, and can be used by everyone; that it is a sovereign panacea for all human discords. It is now my sincere desire to get a better understanding of this teaching, that I may work in the vineyard of the Lord.

Testimony of Healing
It is with a grateful heart that I give this testimony
January 30, 1932

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