Seeking and Finding Employment

Many of us are faced with the necessity of earning a livelihood. We generally feel secure so long as we occupy positions wherein we are able to perform some service which insures to us an income to supply our daily needs. But this sense of security may not always be genuine. Sometimes circumstances remove us from these seemingly safe harbors and we are confronted with the specter of unemployment, with its attendant evils, lack and limitation. Then may come the argument of discouragement, and there may seem no way out. But Christian Science comes to us with the comforting assurance that there is a way out, and that the true understanding of God can restore to us right employment just as surely as God can give us health and peace of mind.

To the one who is out of work the important thing seems to be to find another material position with as little delay as possible. Perhaps he goes out to look for work, yet at the same time is haunted by fear and doubt of his ability to find it. Perhaps after many failures he begins to think that no one wants him. But Christian Science assures him that there is always right activity for everyone; and does not the Bible say, "Seek, and ye shall find"? If, therefore, one does not "find," may not this indicate that one is not seeking in the right way?

Scientific Reversal
January 30, 1932

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