Before taking up the study of Christian Science I had...

Before taking up the study of Christian Science I had been active in church work for over twenty years; but there came a time when I seemed without hope. I had been under the care of physicians for over three years, part of the time with a specialist, with no improvement, and was so discouraged and unhappy that I only wished that I might pass on. About this time I had a dear sister come to my home in order to have Christian Science treatment. I thought it would be helpful to her, as her trouble was nervous prostration, and she was already somewhat interested.

After continuing with my physician for about three months, in the meantime reading to my sister and trying to help her to think rightly, as I saw she must in Christian Science, I decided to have treatment also. It was only health that I was seeking then, and my healing was slow, taking a year of almost continuous treatment; and even then it did not come until my greatest desire was to know God and to manifest Him in my life. During that year I had a number of other healings, one of insomnia, for which I was very grateful, as I had not slept a night through for several years; and also a beautiful healing of erysipelas with only three treatments. It seemed to me that I had never felt God's presence and love as I did at that time.

Testimony of Healing
Previous to taking up the study of Christian Science I...
January 16, 1932

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