May I point out to a doctor whose letter appears in...

Richmond Herald

May I point out to a doctor whose letter appears in your issue of December 20 that the difference between his method and that of Christian Scientists is one of basis? The Christian Scientist fights and heals disease and sin on the basis that the universe, including man, is spiritual, the manifestation of God, Spirit, and that the evidence of the material senses is untrue, and can be refuted by the facts of spiritual being.

Christian Science, as its name denotes, is the Science of Christianity; and before criticizing it and jumping to erroneous conclusions the doctor would do well to endeavor to learn some of the premises of this teaching, and acquire some understanding of the method of their application to human conditions. He is evidently unaware of the vast amount of good which is being accomplished in the world to-day by Christian Scientists and the Church of Christ, Scientist.

October 10, 1931

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