Poise and Invariableness

Mankind in general needs stability, poise, equableness, liberation from temperamental disturbances. In private and in public life, and in all international negotiations and adjustments, these peace-promoting and unifying qualities are essential. One cannot picture Jesus as unwise, variable, or giving in to mortal moods; and we may assume that his poise was traceable to divine Mind's steadfast control of all his thoughts and feelings.

Mrs. Eddy discloses the source of poise when writing on page 14 of "Unity of Good," "God is not the shifting vane on the spire, but the corner-stone of living rock, firmer than everlasting hills." As everyone knows, the weather vane responds to every puff of wind because it is without volition or power of resistance. Oftentimes adverse mental influences attempt to blow us off the straight course of health, integrity, wisdom, and happiness; but we are not helpless as is the weather vane. Provided Christian Scientists show discernment and watchfulness in obeying the By-Law in the Manual (Art. VIII, Sect. 1) regarding deliverance from erroneous influences, they will be led of God and not misled by error.

Item of Interest
Item of Interest
October 10, 1931

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