Two years ago I was suffering from a disease known as...

Two years ago I was suffering from a disease known as eczema of the scalp, and I thought that it was making me irritable. I visited a Christian Science practitioner and asked for treatment. When I realized that it was not the disease that was causing the irritability of temper, but that it was the irritable thinking that was causing the disease, I was healed. In a little over a week a growth on my head the size of a pigeon's egg had completely disappeared.

I had had this disease—eczema—before, over thirty years ago, and at that time used a remedy prescribed for me by a physician. It took six months to get rid of the trouble then. I had often wondered what I would do if ever it came back and I did not have this remedy at hand. Well, it did come back; but no material remedy was used. The healing was rapid. The symptoms lasted only three weeks, as against six months under materia medica. Now I am very happy to relate that not only is the disease cured, but that the irritability of thought has vanished also.

The Christian Science Practitioner
January 31, 1931

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