My interest in Christian Science began through the healing...

My interest in Christian Science began through the healing of my small daughter. She had been suffering greatly from a distressing intestinal condition which the physician during six month's treatment tried in vain to relieve. A neighbor's little girl was her playmate, and from this family we heard something of Christian Science. My little girl said one night, "Mother, I know what will heal me: God and Christian Science." The next day I took her to a Christian Science practitioner. She was soon relieved, and in a short time all the pain and distress vanished. There was one short attack later, which the practitioner's loving work destroyed; and that ended the trouble. Thus did spiritual truth begin to dawn in our consciousness.

I myself longed to be free from severe headaches, chronic sciatica, and ulcerated throat. These afflictions interfered with my duties as the sole guardian of two small children. I was led to continue patiently to stand for the truth; and though the healing of the lameness due to the severe pain in my hip was slow, all the time I was becoming happier and more trustful of God's love and almighty power. From not being able to prepare a meal without utter prostration following, and the necessity for lying down, I become able to walk for longer and longer periods, and to perform all the household tasks.

Testimony of Healing
Two years ago I was suffering from a disease known as...
January 31, 1931

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