All my life I had believed in the power of love, but not...

All my life I had believed in the power of love, but not knowing the difference between the divine and the human, I had never found a love that would stand the test; and, consequently, my life had been one disappointment after another, until I was afraid to hope for anything good for fear of being disappointed. But even then, when my son became ill, I thought my love might save him; but it did not. I had come in contact with Christian Science, but did not think of studying it for myself until several months after my son passed on. It seemed as if I could not possibly go on. For years life had been for me merely "playing the game" for his sake; and now I did not have him for an incentive.

I was a member of a small moving picture company, and one of the actors was being healed of tuberculosis through Christian Science. He invited me to attend a church service with him. I wish I could describe what that service meant to me. I thought the silent prayer the most eloquent thing one could possibly think of. Just between God and me! That was all. This experience was the turning point in my life. I had found the God who is Love and the Love that is God and can never fail.

Testimony of Healing
I turned to Christian Science for physical and mental help...
January 31, 1931

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