My first healing through Christian Science occurred...

My first healing through Christian Science occurred over eleven years ago, when I was healed of ptomaine poisoning and locked bowels. Our family doctor stayed with me most of the time from Monday evening until Thursday evening. When he left me about seven o'clock he said that unless I was operated upon before nine I could not possibly live until midnight, and that I need not call him back unless I would consider an operation, as he had done all that he could. No one, indeed, thought I could live more than a few hours at most.

I then called for a very dear student of Christian Science who lived near me, told her what the doctor had said, and asked her to help me. I also told her to call for help anywhere she wanted to; but she said, "Let us try it alone first, as I have held you so close to God." She asked me if I was willing to throw all the medicine out, and I told her that I was. In less than ten minutes I was healed of all pain, and I slept all night without awakening, until the six o'clock whistle blew in the morning. During the forenoon, when the bowels resumed their normal functioning, I found that I had been healed of piles, from which I had suffered for more than twenty years. At that time I was also healed of stomach trouble of such a severe nature that I suffered terribly after eating. Since this healing I have been able to eat anything I want without any trouble.

Testimony of Healing
It has been my privilege to have Christian Science as my...
January 31, 1931

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