During the twelve years since I took up the study of...

During the twelve years since I took up the study of Christian Science so many blessings have come to me that an account of them all would fill volumes. Christian Science has met my every need when properly applied. I did not take up the study of it for myself, but I knew one who had suffered fourteen years without relief and I suggested to her that she should inquire into Christian Science, a subject of which I had heard but knew nothing. We arranged to go to a testimony meeting, and then at the Reading Room purchased copies of the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. My friend asked a practitioner for treatment and was healed with the one treatment. The healing has been permanent. From that time I have been an earnest student. At first I would read the book far into the night and every moment I could spare during the day, and through the past years it has been my most treasured possession.

I should like to mention one healing which took place shortly after my coming into Christian Science and which made a deep impression. It was a healing of quinsy, from which I had suffered periodically for many years. The last attack had been serious, and it had taken me six months to get back to a normal condition. This time I tried to put into practice the little I had learned from our textbook. Although greatly relieved I was unable to overcome the difficulty, so asked for help from a practitioner, and absent treatment was given me. I took up the textbook, and while reading I fell asleep. On awaking about ten minutes later I was healed: my throat was normal. The experience was entirely different from previous attacks, when the conditions were very unpleasant before relief came. This time the whole condition vanished into its native nothingness, and I was well and strong. I can never forget the unspeakable bliss; it was surely a foretaste of heaven, and I felt the omnipresence of God.

Testimony of Healing
I took up Christian Science just before going into the...
January 31, 1931

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