In the issue of your esteemed paper of August 1, I again...


In the issue of your esteemed paper of August 1, I again find a letter wherein Christian Science is mentioned—this time as a reply to my remarks about our critic's letter from Los Angeles. I am fully aware that it has not exactly been the purpose of the writer to attack the Christian Science movement; but his representation of it is misleading both in his first and second letters; and this is simply because he evidently writes of something of which he has no first-hand knowledge.

An outsider when reading the statistics which this gentleman quotes, may get the impression that Christian Science is most strongly represented among the more well-to-do people, and that it perhaps is something that is best adapted for the rich. These statistics, however, do not give a correct picture of the case. A very large percentage of those who fill the Christian Science churches, and in some measure aid in supporting the movement financially, are not actually members. They are people who are interested in Christian Science, and who have been healed or in other ways have received help through its teachings, but who as yet have not taken the step of joining the Christian Science organization. It is a fact that in the Christian Science movement all classes of society are represented. It appeals just as much to the poor as to the rich.

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