In answer to a request from one of your readers, I am...

Weekly Scotsman

In answer to a request from one of your readers, I am sending this short account of what Christian Science teaches on the subject of immortality.

Christian Scientists understand that everything God created must be immortal, for the immortal and perfect could not create the mortal and imperfect: like produces like. Thus we are convinced that the real individuality of man is not to be seen in a perishable outward form, but in the good qualities and right thoughts which one manifests; and that as one discards false beliefs, fear, and sinful desires, which are the elements of mortality, and expresses more and more of the immortal qualities of love, justice, and truth, he will gain an ever increasing sense of eternal Life. This process will go on after as well as before the experience called death, till our consciousness reflects only the divine.

October 18, 1930

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