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On July 11, the Stars and Stripes flew for the first time over the Pacific Coast sanatorium, which is now building. It is more or less customary among structural iron erectors that when the last rivet is driven in the steel or iron construction of any building, the American flag is hoisted. Thus it was signified late in the afternoon of July 11 that the steel work of the sanatorium, one hundred and six feet in height at the center and three hundred and eighty-five feet long at the foundation level, had been completed. The steel framework is a most excellent piece of construction. The building is to be a reinforced solid concrete structure throughout with a tile roof, and the concrete work should be completed in about three months. The concrete construction of the attached garage has been poured, stripped, and partially finished. The heating, plumbing, electrical, and reinforcing subcontractors are all at work. Contributions are being received by the Treasurer of The Mother Church toward the completion of this project, which under favorable conditions it is hoped will continue uninterrupted.

Recently the Board of Directors were asked the question whether The Christian Science Monitor is an organ of The Mother Church. Their reply was that the Monitor is one of the Christian Science periodicals and in the full sense is therefore an organ of The Mother Church. In a more limited or strict sense The Christian Science Journal is the original organ of The Mother Church, and it contains the cards of branch churches and societies and the cards of Christian Science practitioners and nurses, also those of Christian Science organizations at universities and colleges. Nevertheless, when Mrs. Eddy established the Christian Science Weekly, later known as the Christian Science Sentinel, she indicated that she then saw the need of communicating with the Field oftener than could be done through a monthly periodical. Thus the Sentinel became an organ of The Mother Church, although designation to this effect was never placed upon its cover. Later, The Christian Science Monitor was established as one of the Christian Science periodicals and therefore one of the organs of The Mother Church.

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July 27, 1929

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