"Blessed are the merciful"

The teachings of Christian Science about God and man are so clearly and definitely in line with those of the Bible that they have not only brought healing and joy to a great multitude in this age, but have also revealed to the hungering heart the exact meanings of the Scriptures. Christian Science throws such a clear light upon the teachings of the Bible that anyone may thereby free himself from the confusion of materialism, and thus rise not only above sickness, but destroy the root of sickness, namely, discordant thinking.

In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus said, "Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy." This is a practical and demonstrable rule. How many before accepting Christian Science have not only experienced difficulty in being merciful, but in many cases have not obtained mercy from others! Surely, if one is striving to be merciful and just in his human relationships, should he not rejoice in the fruition of this good work? Undoubtedly, the trouble has often been that mortals, unacquainted with the divine quality of mercy, have forgiven a wrong from a false basis, and from a mistaken sense of justice.

True Character
July 27, 1929

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