On Taking the Human Footsteps

Mortals are constantly confronted with the necessity of making decisions as to the particular course they will take, as to the methods they will pursue, and as to the means of accomplishing desired ends. They are forever, it seems, in "the valley of decision." The study of Christian Science, however, renders the making of these decisions much easier; for through its teachings one learns to invoke divine aid in determining the right course.

Students of Christian Science who undertake to conform their lives to its precepts, may be divided into two classes: those who accept at their full value the statements of the Bible and the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," that God is the only creator of the universe, including man spiritual and perfect; therefore, that evil has neither reality nor power, and that, in consequence, if one prays aright, all his needs will be supplied by an infinite, all-loving Father: and those who, perhaps, less desirous of the spiritual truth, still cling in some measure to the old material ways of thought and do not always seek divine direction. They still flounder at times in the dark morasses of material belief.

Profitable Exchange
July 27, 1929

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