Scientific Continuing

Jesus said, "If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Definitions of "continue" are "to be steadfast, constant; to endure, abide, persist." It is plain, then, that true discipleship is dependent upon one's knowing and continuing in the Word or the truth; and freedom from any distressing circumstance is gained in proportion to this scientific continuing in the truth. Scientific knowledge must be exact and provable; hence, scientific continuing in the truth requires an exact understanding or knowledge of the divine Principle which underlies the truth.

How many students of Christian Science can recall instances in which their thought was not based upon the strictly scientific understanding of divine Principle! Had they continued in the persistent application of the truth, knowing the absolute perfection of real being, demonstration would have followed. One often finds, however, that it is not more understanding which is needed to meet a situation, but better scientific application of the understanding already gained, more radical reliance on God, divine Principle. Surely, the obedient and constant application of the truth to any problem, expressed in daily living, will finally destroy the network of mortal beliefs and bring forth the fruitage of demonstration to which every disciple of Truth is entitled.

A student of Christian Science had been laboring for many months under a sense of acute pain and suffering. Finally, while analyzing Jesus' words, quoted above, and more carefully studying their meaning with a deep desire to be obedient in every detail, the student saw that to continue in the Word or the truth meant to be constant in love, purity, honesty, accuracy, patience, unselfishness, courage, joy, gratitude—constant in all true and righteous thoughts; and, furthermore, to act in accordance with this right thinking. From the moment such scientific continuing in the truth began in the consciousness of this student there was a marked improvement; and perfect healing was quickly realized.

Income and Outgo
June 1, 1929

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