I should like to tell of the healing I have received through...

I should like to tell of the healing I have received through the study of Christian Science. When I began to study at the end of 1910, I had been treated for a hair disease for about nine months by a specialist. After I had studied for some weeks, it became clear to me that it was no use trying to study Christian Science while taking medicine at the same time. I therefore wrote the specialist that I intended to study Christian Science, and as I could not make progress while using medicine I should not use it any longer. I thanked him cordially for his treatment, which had been given me in a very kind manner. I went on studying for more than a year, sometimes very gladly, when I noticed some progress. One evening when studying the Lesson-Sermon in the Christian Science Quarterly I understood that the material body is an unreal counterfeit. From that time I forgot all about my hair. When, after some time, I thought of it again, it appeared to be as long as it used to be, and hung down below my waist.

Another difficulty to be overcome was influenza. Three or four times every winter I had to stay at home for two or three weeks because of it. I am a teacher, so it was rather annoying; and one winter when I was more miserable and weaker than before, the head of the school wanted me to resign. Teaching was my livelihood, so I answered that it was impossible to do so. On the first occasion the overcoming of the influenza was rather difficult. A friend gave me treatment; but I became worse, until one night I felt very miserable, and the more I tried to know the truth the more severe my condition seemed to become. At last I thought, The worst thing that can happen is that I shall pass on, and then—I shall still live. Immediately I fell asleep, and the next morning when I awoke I was healed. Still, the struggle with influenza was not fully overcome till after the following incident. One Wednesday evening the Reader read from the desk, "Ye clothe you, but there is none warm." This sentence impressed me, and I pondered it over and over again till it became clear to me that divine Love is nearer to me than the severest cold.

Testimony of Healing
I thank God for what I have learned and am learning...
June 1, 1929

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