Universal Good Will

It is held by not a few that the possession and exercise of human will-power is very desirable, constituting a mark of distinction for human character. But when we consider this attribute of mortality as being the motive power of all evil, the root of all sin, crime, and of manifold discords, we may well ask ourselves, Is human will entitled to any liberal evaluation? Observing how often this alleged power is easily perverted, in effect often producing the wreckage of home life, of health, of business success, of peace of mind, and even the weakening of nations, we ask again, Would it not be wiser for all to cultivate and use more of the animus of good will so extolled, in sentiment at least, during the recurrent holiday seasons? Without doubt, many would be glad indeed to desert the use of the limited personal or magnetic sense of will-power and to manifest the good will which is universal and unlimited, if they only knew how to do so.

It is recalled by all Christians that the great refrain of the heavenly host, the voice of which heralded the birth of Jesus on the first night of the present era, was, "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men." It is well known by all who have even lightly studies the Gospels in the New Testament that this marvelous refrain was afterward lived, and taught, and demonstrated by the Master. But is it sufficiently recognized by Christians that the Founder of Christianity intended that his followers should carry on the teachings of his gospel of peace and good will in the ways in which he himself taught and worked?

Stars of Guidance
December 21, 1929

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