God's consciousness is the secret place wherein alone mortals may find redemption from all that ails and perplexes them. Christian Science comes to the sinner, the sufferer, to those overburdened with self-righteousness or else crushed under the load of self-condemnation, with the same remedial message, namely, that the spiritual man's consciousness is always pure and harmonious because it emanates from the infinite source named God. What becomes, then, of the superstition that God, who is Love, sends sickness, bereavement, temptation upon His children to chasten them? Can the cause which is God impart to creation elements unknown to the creator? Can God give aught but Himself to His own? Can anything false be added to man's reflection of his heavenly Father, or anything good be taken from it? God, the only cause, must first be robbed before His image could be robbed.

In "Unity of Good" (p. 24) Mrs. Eddy writes: "All consciousness is Mind; and Mind is God,—an infinite, and not a finite consciousness. This consciousness is reflected in individual consciousness, or man, whose source is infinite Mind." What a haven of refuge is this one infinite consciousness! And how easily the mists of sickness and sin, ignorance of God and His likeness, can roll away before the one radiant consciousness whose immortal hues are even now enlightening and transforming mankind! As ideas of Truth touch those who reach out for them and turn them away from materiality, so these true ideas blot out the finite lies which belittle, rob, and delude humanity. Since the one cause, Spirit, is infinite, there can be no materiality in it. Hence Mrs. Eddy writes (ibid., p. 50), "Matter and evil cannot be conscious, and consciousness should not be evil."

"Glad tidings of good things"
December 21, 1929

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