"The Mary of to-day looks up"

"The Mary of to-day looks up for Christ." So writes our God-inspired Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, on page 119 of "The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany." What joy comes when by looking up we see the ever living Christ, which mortal beliefs cannot destroy! Those who are following our Leader in selfless loving steadfastly hold their gaze toward divine Love. They find that the vision of the goal speeds their footsteps, as they journey from material sense toward fullness of spiritual understanding. No rocks along the way can hinder one whose gaze is fixed on the realities of God, good; for the vision of Love, attained and retained, spurs such a one to a greater effort to reflect the spiritual qualities of love, joy, and peace. These qualities are attained through the endeavor to express unselfish, childlike kindness, patient, humble trustworthiness, and steadfast courage in doing good.

We should watch carefully whether we are stooping to look down into the sepulcher of matter for the Christ, Truth, or whether as "the Mary of to-day" we are looking up. To the thought looking for good in matter or in personal sense there is confusion, doubt, and fear. To the uplifted, spiritual thought there is hope in every situation, a keen appreciation for each least manifestation of good, wherever found, and faith unmixed with doubt. The tomb could not obstruct the Christ-power which Jesus utilized in rising above the belief of life in matter. No situation can obstruct the full appearing of the true idea of God as revealed to our Leader. The lifted eye sees everywhere to-day evidences of the appearing of Christ, Truth. The "Signs of the Times" as recorded each week in the Christian Science Sentinel are of much value to those with eyes to see.

November 2, 1929

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