Expectancy of Good

"And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good." These words of the thirty-first verse of the first chapter of Genesis are accepted as absolutely true in Christian Science; and this in spite of the extraordinary hold the false sense of evil and imperfection has over mortals. Christian Science teaches that God is good, infinitely good or perfect, and that His creation throughout its unlimited range is likewise and of necessity perfectly good.

Now this teaching that God is good and His creation perfect has the most far-reaching and beneficial effect upon all who accept it. It has often healed stubborn disease. It has repeatedly destroyed inveterate sin. It has time and again lifted the burden of fear of the present and of the future. It has frequently destroyed sorrow and lack. In short, the realization that God is infinite good and His creation perfect has times without number relieved—yes, destroyed utterly—the effect which the erroneous belief that good is limited produces on those who entertain it.

Lecture in The Mother Church
December 1, 1928

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