Working and Waiting

To the so-called human mind the word "wait" too often means inactivity. Even in legitimate human affairs, the alert do not cease working while waiting to act in some particular direction. In spiritual development, it is highly necessary for all to understand that when Mary Baker Eddy admonishes patience in waiting she does not by any means intend to have her followers stop working. There is a great difference between waiting and doing nothing. If one's demonstration is not working out, and it appears that obedient waiting on divine Love is the requirement, there is abundant opportunity to do good in other directions. There is no limit to God, good, and there is no condition or circumstance that can keep the true followers of Christ, Truth, from doing good.

In working out their own salvation, Christian Scientists are not confined to mere physical activity. Such right thoughts as Christ Jesus expressed still come from God, and still are clothed with the infinite power of Truth and Love; and even though one may feel he can do little more than think, let him not underestimate the value of his contribution of scientific, right knowing. For a consecrated army of right thinkers and right actors, all willing patiently to stand and wait when divinely called on to do so, and equally willing to press forward when divinely commanded to advance, there are glorious possibilities.

While true Christian Scientists are overcoming sin, disease, and death through spiritual understanding, they are working out their own salvation; and at the same time they are, in every instance, patiently waiting for God to lead them on to the next victory. Christian Scientists do not wait for defeats, but in humility look forward for the kingdom of God and victory over all evil. They find they can be patient and yet prompt; that they can obediently wait, and yet be vigorously active. When Mary Baker Eddy wrote in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 485), "Emerge gently from matter into Spirit," she did not necessarily mean slowly. Slowness does not necessarily imply patience or gentleness. One can work continually, and yet be patient and gentle. Christ Jesus' demonstration of love, patience, and gentleness was marked by constant activity in doing good. Mrs. Eddy often waited expectantly for the time to take some step long before envisaged, but she never stopped working in the Cause she loved. Our heavenly Father-Mother God exercises unspeakable patience and tenderness toward us, ever strengthening and supporting those who turn to Love, and never ceasing in His active goodness to the universe.

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Rising above Environment
December 1, 1928

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