What is Disease?

What is the nature of disease? Christian Science answers the question. The answer was also known to Christ Jesus; and because of the fact he was able to heal all manner of disease. As we know the answer given by Christian Science, and realize its meaning, we also may heal disease. Mrs. Eddy's discovery of the nature of disease must be reckoned as among the greatest ever made. At the time she made it no one on earth was aware of it but herself; and when she announced it, the world in general jeered because it seemed an absurdity to the carnal mind.

What, then, is the answer to the question? It is that disease is unreal—illusion. Mrs. Eddy gives it indirectly, but most emphatically, when she writes in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 188), "What is termed disease does not exist." Disease not exist! Unbelievable, says the unspiritualized thought, the thought, that is, without an understanding of divine Science. But one has only to study Christian Science earnestly and impartially to find out that the statement is based on absolute and incontrovertible Truth. The reasoning is very simple. In Christian Science God is understood to be infinite good. Since God is infinite, nothing that is real exists outside of Himself. Consequently, what is called evil—the opposite of good—has no real existence. And disease is not good. Therefore disease is unreal; or, in other words, "disease does not exist."

The Lord's Supper
July 2, 1927

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