"Love is the way alway"

A Statesman has said, "When we love one another as brothers, and treat each other reciprocally as such, and each one seeking his own good in the good of all shall identify his life with the life of all; and shall be ready to sacrifice himself for the members of the common family; then, the ills which seem to weigh so heavily upon the world will vanish, as the mist before the rising of the sun. This statement is in accord with the words of our beloved Leader, Mrs. Eddy, in her Message to The Mother Church for 1901 (p. 35), where she says, "It [Christian Science] is a clarion call to the reign of righteousness, to the kingdom of heaven within us and on earth, and Love is the way alway." It is the work of Love to unite mankind ever more closely, until each is working for all, and all are working for each. For to Love belongs the omnipotent law of the universe; and Love never causes suffering, but always heals it.

We are early taught that the supreme desire of the heart should be to love God. We read again, "Thou shalt love;" but this time it is our neighbor whom we must love. Then it is that we perhaps find that the heart needs healing as well as the body; that we must manifest intelligent love, as well as a healthy body. We also read in the Scriptures these words: "And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me." And one of the many things we are to be raised above is a false, mortal sense of love. Many definitions might be given of the word "love"; but one of the most beautiful is, "Love is a yearning compassion for the good of others."

A Scientist was once given a beautiful bouquet of early spring blooms from the garden of a friend. As she proceeded on her homeward way, she met first one and then another who seemed to need the message of love and cheer which these blossoms carried. So the bunch grew smaller and smaller, until, when she reached her room, she had just one spray to place in the vase on her table. But instead of any sense of loss, or lack, or emptiness, there was in her heart a great abundance of love, and joy, and gladness; and her room was filled with the perfume of gratitude. Each flower she had given away had left with her something real and beautiful; and she had learned once again that only by giving do we truly receive.

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