Daily Supply

Where lives the one who is not confronted, in some form or other, with the problem of lack of supply? Ever since in the allegory Adam was sent forth from the garden of Eden "to till the ground from whence he was taken," the efforts of his progeny have centered largely around the solution of this problem. Yet, despite all the energy it has spent in getting, mankind believes it has never succeeded in getting enough! Some have little or no money, others little or no work; some lack food and clothing, others houses and lands; many are without health, without recreation, without right environment and companionship.

In this age, however, Christian Science is showing mortals the needlessness of such conditions, and is teaching them the real solution of the problem by revealing God, Spirit, as the boundless source of all supply, which is available here and now to all alike. It is disclosing the insubstantial nature of matter and the futility of looking to it for satisfaction. Can shadow satisfy the demand for substance? Since matter is always limited, always finite, how can it fill the countless needs of humanity? An unlimited supply cannot proceed from a limited source.

Continuance in Well-Doing
July 2, 1927

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