Signs of the Times

[Rev. F. W. Norwood, as quoted in Great Thoughts, London, England]

Some people still persist in thinking of war in the terms of Waterloo, whereas the real truth is that, since we have not moral and personal qualities enough to check that great evil, we have surrendered to the sway of machinery, and we are now within the grip of chemistry. Everybody who is not blind can observe that that is a continual process which cannot be checked. Here are growing methods of destruction that can only grow more terrible; and they become more and more out of all proportion to the human factors involved in national disputes. There is no more certain thing than that the modern war system and civilization cannot coexist. The alternative which a divine Providence lays upon us is to choose between them; and the way through will be found, not by a balancing of political shifts, not by the weighing of interests, but by a clear and deep religious conviction that this thing is contrary to all for which Christianity stands. Can we, in spite of our differences, find common action, thought, and impulse? I think we can.

April 9, 1927

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