About five years ago, I found myself in a strange city...

About five years ago, I found myself in a strange city under a sense of such general physical exhaustion and mental depression that I became greatly alarmed as to my ability to continue in the work I had undertaken. At that time I had a certain confidence in chiropractic and osteopathy. I had been attracted by Christian Science, but it had seemed difficult for me to grasp, and I had followed it in only desultory fashion. I realized I had reached the point where I must make a final decision. Chiropractic beckoned and tempted, but Christian Science won. I was a total stranger in the town, and knew of no practitioner. Though laboring under a sense of illness, I dressed and went out into the storm to find one. I hunted up a Reading Room and made inquiry there. I was directed to a practitioner living in the neighborhood. I have thanked God ever since for my meeting with that dear woman. Before I had talked with her many minutes I had made a beginning in understanding. I felt a sense of peace enfold me, and experienced a quiet dissolution of the persistent "How?" and "Why?" As she went on and defined Love and the real man as distinguished from a mortal, I knew I was home at last. I went back to my hotel, and awoke the next morning to the realization of a world full of joy and energy. I had lost all sense of fatigue and of physical effort in moving about, and had gained, instead, a sense of joyful buoyancy.

Upon crossing the Canadian border, on the way to Montreal, I was obliged to submit to enforced vaccination as a protective measure against a general fear of smallpox. As a result, a severe difficulty developed, the sense of suffering being so intense that I could neither sleep nor eat. I managed to continue my work, but after a few days was forced to seek help; so wired the same practitioner. A complication affecting the throat had set in an threatened to make the use of the voice for public work impossible. Relief came immediately.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science has done and is doing so much for me...
April 9, 1927

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