Christian Science and Business

A writer in a metropolitan newspaper recently prefaced a discussion of present-day conditions in the business world by declaring it "too bad that some one has not introduced Christian Science into business, where it would be sure to work." He further stated that while the present situation of distrust and business depression, manifest in a great portion of the world, is purely psychologic, it is none the less real, pointing out that only through good-will and constantly looking on the right side will confidence and normality be restored. The writer alluded to is apparently quite unaware that with the alert Christian Scientist every problem which confronts him is as definitely an opportunity to make manifest the works of God by the application of divine Principle, as was the situation which confronted Jesus when called upon to heal the man blind from birth.

While no careful thinker can underestimate the importance of confidence, trustfulness, and courage in the restoration of business prosperity, yet to imply that these qualities alone, unsupported by spiritual understanding, offer the solution of the present difficulties, partakes of the nature of blind optimism, indicating a failure to understand the very fundamentals of right business activity. In fact, such optimism, based upon confidence in human capability without the recognition and application of divine law, would be quite unlikely to lead to favorable results. Does not such an attitude disregard the warning of the Psalmist, "Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help"?

True Substance
June 23, 1923

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