What is styled an "ism" cannot be made to apply to...

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What is styled an "ism" cannot be made to apply to Christian Science, since Christian Science is not a theory. A theory is speculative or hypothetical: it is a mental scheme worked out to agree with some observed facts, and is given as an explanation of them. Christian Science is practical Christianity. It is demonstrable knowledge about God and His creation. Christian Science is spiritual law, applicable to human needs; it is the truth about God and man; and this truth, rightfully understood, is the true idea of existence. The wise man puts it, "But whose hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil." Jesus says, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." To think truly; to remove ignorance and fear from one's thought through spiritual enlightenment, is in accordance with the teaching of Christian Science. One who accepts and lives in obedience to the teachings of Christian Science finds a peace of mind that is not to be found elsewhere; for it teaches one how to work normally and naturally; it teaches how to be patient, and how to pray; it teaches the beauty of unselfishness, the peace of purity, justice, and mercy; in a word, it teaches the practical value of Christianity as presented by the man Christ Jesus. It makes the Golden Rule a model for one's aspirations, and shows him the infinite and eternal love of the one God, even "our Father which art in heaven."

Those informed concering the past and present activity of Christian Science will not deny that its mission is to bless mankind, and that the growth of Christian Science all over the world has been phenomenal; and if one is to judge of its future activity and growth by the past half century of its widespread acceptance and interest to men, women, and children everywhere, he will say that the next generation will witness Christian Science as one of the strongest and most powerful movements in the world, for the betterment and redemption of mankind. Christian Science is founded upon the spiritual teachings of the Bible; it is a religion that appeals to men and women of all races, creeds, and conditions. Christian Science is not a religion that tells one what to do, and then leaves him there; it shows him how to do it. Christian Science is therefore a movement, a religion, that gives assurance of enduring permanence.

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