Signs of the Times

[From the News, Lynchburg, Va., Feb. 27, 1923]

The Book of books carries its message to nearly all parts of the globe. Only the highlands of Central Asia are still closed to it. China alone took about two and a half million copies last year, and in the Near East, a region of refugees, we are told that the Bible is their only comfort. Even in materialistic America there has been an unprecedented demand for the Scriptures since the war. ... As Woodrow Wilson once said: "The Bible stands right in the center, in the market place of our lives. Let no man suppose that progress can be divorced from religion or that there is any other platform for the ministers of reform than the platform written in the utterances of our Lord and Savior." ... Truer words were never spoken. The only hope of mankind is a return to the first four words in Genesis: "In the beginning God." ... It is one thing to own a Bible and quite another thing for men to read it daily and, to quote Mr. Wilson again, to find in it "the perfect image of a man who will draw all the best powers of their nature to himself, so that they will love him more than they love themselves, and loving him so, will love their fellowmen more than they love themselves." In a land of Bibles, the Bible is a lost book to those who neglect it and who do not conscientiously try to live up to its teachings.

May 12, 1923

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