I am very glad to tell of the experience which first caused...

I am very glad to tell of the experience which first caused me to become interested in Christian Science, because it has since proved to be such a great help in my life; and what seemed at the time to be a misfortune was really a blessing in disguise.

In the early fall of 1917 I met with a painful accident, in which my right elbow was badly dislocated, the ligaments being torn from the joint; also a small bone in the wrist was broken. At that time I knew nothing of Christian Science; in fact, I was a bit inclined to be prejudiced against it; so the natural thing to do was to send for a surgeon, which I did. For some reason it was impossible to have an X-ray photograph taken until the following afternoon, and by this time a great deal of swelling and inflamation seemed to be manifested. After the usual surgical work in such cases was finished, I was told that I must carry my arm in a sling for six weeks, which announcement I accepted cheerfully, as I had become somewhat resigned, thinking that at the end of the six weeks my troubles would be over. I was yet to learn my troubles had but just begun. When I was finally allowed to remove the sling, I found I apparently no longer had a joint in my elbow. I asked the doctor who had charge of the case how long it would be before I could bend my elbow, and he said it should begin to become limber in a week or two. I was a little disappointed, but still resigned. Each day I tried to use the arm a little, but could see no sign of a yielding joint.

Testimony of Healing
For ten years previous to the time I took up the study of...
May 12, 1923

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