I have great cause to be grateful for the activities of the...

I have great cause to be grateful for the activities of the Christian Science war workers at Ripon, England, because through their loving work I have been led to search for the kingdom of God within man. Before I heard of Christian Science I was an inveterate smoker. I detested the habit and myself for indulging it, but many attempts to end my bondage failed. Even after I took up the study of Christian Science, the difficulty was not properly overcome until I appealed to a practitioner for help. His loving ministrations overcame it completely and permanently within a week.

Although rejoicing in only a small measure of spiritual understanding, yet constipation, piles, rheumatism, fear of heart trouble, all desire for beer or other intoxicating liquor, many wrong habits and bad business practices have melted away before it. This is only a beginning. Truth, like the sun in spring, makes cleaning up a necessity; but this also is a cause for rejoicing, because only by the exposing of evil and a thorough cleansing can we become more conscious of the kingdom of God within us.

May 12, 1923

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