For ten years previous to the time I took up the study of...

For ten years previous to the time I took up the study of Christian Science, I was restlessly seeking for the happiness I could not find. I searched for it through every material channel the world has to offer, only to find that I was becoming more and more cynical and worldly-minded, blaming others for the unhappiness which seemed to come to me.

When I seemed almost distracted by the constant failures that confronted me in my efforts at right living, I met a friend who had taken up the study of Christian Science. She told me of it, advising that I see a practitioner. When I said that I'd like to be good, but there were so many things I did not want to give up, my friend replied, "What if something else should take their place?" This seemed to me so logical, and brought such a ray of hope, that I said I would see a Christian Science practitioner. While gleaning the first bit of understanding, I found that what I had been so restlessly seeking was the understanding of divine Love, and that I had met with constant failures because I was seeking it in the wrong direction. Only through the understanding of what God is, could I find out what Love is.

Testimony of Healing
The Pharisees once asked Jesus' disciples, "Why eateth...
May 12, 1923

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