As a rule when one speaks of healing, one is thinking of the recovery of the sick from some form of disease. The disease may be called physical, manifesting itself on the body, or mental, showing itself in weakness or aberration of intelligence. The term healing is also used to indicate recovery from some phase of sin. In brief, healing is generally thought of as taking place when some sufferer attains to normal health of body or mind, or gets rid of some evil tendency or practice.

A healing presupposes a condition of suffering or inharmony and a state in which there is freedom from both. In ordinary medical practice and, indeed, in every method of practice except Christian Science, matter, directly or indirectly, is supposed to be the cause of the trouble; and, accordingly, to effect a cure nearly all of these systems either manipulate the body or drug it, believing that certain chemical substances produce curative effects. In addition, there are those who believe that these agencies may be assisted by mental manipulation; that is, by acting on the so-called mind of the sufferer by mental suggestion or some other form of hypnotic influence.

"Experiences, testimonies, and remarks"
May 12, 1923

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