In the winter of 1921 I was taken suddenly ill with...

In the winter of 1921 I was taken suddenly ill with severe chills followed by a very high fever. I also seemed sick all over. A friend telephoned to a Christian Scientist for help; and I think I am safe in saying that in less than ten minutes the fever had left me. I slept some in the night, but was still quite sick the next day. Feeling certain that it was influenza with complications, I immediately wrote to a practitioner for treatment. Some of the symptoms were met right away; but it was some time before I was entirely healed. I was up and dressed every day, and did a little work and a good deal of studying; for which I am thankful, because it helped me to realize that we should never let a day pass without reading the Bible and the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, in health as well as in sickness. Words are inadequate to express my gratitude to the practitioner who worked for me so faithfully, meeting my every fear with such calm, firm trust and understanding that I was soon convinced that Christian Science is indeed the truth which makes us free, if we but gain the right understanding of Truth, and apply it faithfully.

I heard of a number who at the same time seemed to have the same difficulty, who passed on under medical treatment; but I felt from the start that God alone could heal me; and I am certainly thankful to Mrs. Eddy that she has shown us the way through Christian Science to become conscious of our unity with Him. I thank God for the kind friends who, when I was new to Christian Science, helped me over what seemed like rough places and encouraged me to push on to a better understanding of Life, Truth, and Love.

Testimony of Healing
Words cannot express my gratitude for the holy privilege...
December 8, 1923

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