For some years before coming into contact with Christian Science...

For some years before coming into contact with Christian Science it had been a growing conviction in my thought that the presentation of Christianity in which my forbears and I had been brought up was not adequate to enable one to carry out the Master's injunctions. To my thinking, the whole tenor of the teaching of Jesus was to place emphasis on character and conduct, rather than merely on belief and faith. My dissatisfaction—with my church and with myself—became so acute, about four years ago, as to make my church membership untenable; and I resigned.

A year later, having little understanding of the claims and objects of Christian Science, but endeavoring to act in a spirit of love, I asked for help for a relative who was suffering from a malignant internal growth, and for whom the doctors had given up all hope. The healing was so speedy, thorough, and remarkable I felt instinctively that here was the religion I had so long been seeking. Here, I realized, was at least the promise of a solution to the problem of human suffering—perhaps here also were to be found solutions to the problems of the future, of the nature of God, of His dealings with men and His answers to their prayers.

Testimony of Healing
In the winter of 1921 I was taken suddenly ill with...
December 8, 1923

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