Signs of the Times

[From the Telegram, Portland, Ore., Nov. 3, 1923]

During the war David Lloyd George, then Premier of Great Britain, spoke as a prophet of the days when "man to man the world o'er shall brithers be," and spoke in words that even yet warm the heart with their memory. A common cause, a common larder, ... common shipping, a common struggle, and a common triumph he believed would bring about a common brotherhood which would be a sure guarantee of peace on earth and good-will among all races, creeds, and nationalities to the end of time. If only this Golden Age could come about with no more of sacrifice in life and joy and treasure than that demanded by the World War, it would be a gift indeed. But Lloyd George knows, as we do, that a common brotherhood will never be brought about solely by a common emergency and a common pot. These provide the soil in which a common brotherhood may sprout and grow, if the seed of love to God and love toward our fellow-men is first planted there. In war we fight; in peace we quarrel, and all over the division of goods that perish with their using and grow stale with storage. There is no brotherhood of man without a compelling wish to help the other fellow at our own expense.

December 8, 1923

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