With much gratitude I give my testimony; for through...

With much gratitude I give my testimony; for through Christian Science I was healed. I had been in a hospital five weeks, and the physician's verdict was that there was no hope of my recovery. At this time my husband and my mother were called to the physician's office and told that it was only a question of a day or two, for all had been done that was possible, since one in my condition never recovered. The day after the physician said that, I called for a Christian Science practitioner. It was one of the hardest days to travel we had that winter, but she came and remained with me for two hours; and such peace as came to me I shall never forget. I commenced to improve from that day. In two weeks I was able to leave the hospital and return to my home; and through Christian Science treatment I improved steadily, so that I was able to be up and around my home in a very short time. There was lack of muscular development in my baby's right arm, the arm being also dislocated. This arm is now normal, having been healed through Christian Science treatment.

For all these blessings I am so grateful to God, to our revered Leader, Mrs. Eddy, and to the practitioner who so faithfully worked for me.

Testimony of Healing
I did not take up the study of Christian Science for...
December 8, 1923

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