Christian Science teaches that the consciousness of God's...

Die Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant

Christian Science teaches that the consciousness of God's presence and all-potent love is able to deliver men from sickness, because only the expressions of the one divine Mind—the only cause and creator—constitute fundamental truth. Sin and sickness do not belong to the eternal things of God: Christian Science shows them to be but expressions of the unenlightened human mind, which considers matter to be causative, and as powerful as, or more so than, Spirit. Although the effects of this false belief may seem very real to mortals, they disappear before the better understanding which acknowledges and obeys God as the only cause. It is therefore the knowledge of God, the consciousness of His allness gained through prayer, which is taught and practiced by Christian Science in the healing of sickness. Scientists understand that sickness does not reside in the body, but in the so-called human mind; and that it is healed by the understanding of Truth, which casts out false beliefs.

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