Real Gratitude

The gratitude and love which Christian Scientists feel toward their beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, for the blessings which have come into their lives through her discovery of Christian Science and her ceaseless labors for mankind, constitute an important part of their attitude towards Truth. While we all wish to express this in words and deeds to the best of our ability, are we as watchful as we should be to do so in some of the very simple ways in which we can show real gratitude; namely, by devotion to the Cause of Christian Science, and by doing constructive work for it? We all know how our Leader emphasized the necessity for deeds, rather than words, to prove one's sincerity; and what should be said of one who, while professing gratitude, is at the same time serving evil in its attempts to destroy the Cause, by failing to watch and do his part in preserving unity in our churches?

It should be evident that the great opportunity to demonstrate our gratitude is a privilege and duty; for thereby is maintained that vitalizing unity and harmony in our churches which must abide where members are spiritually active and self-sacrificing with regard to all church affairs. We are all likely to watch closely our thinking with regard to the seeming aches and pains of our so-called physical bodies; but this may involve a certain element of selfishness. We must rise higher than this if we would maintain a right attitude of thought toward all church problems, and thereby secure unity and strength in our branch organizations, which will maintain them impregnable aginst the pretentious assaults of evil, be the evil ignorant, fraudulent, or malicious. Can any doubt the importance of this unity of front when they consider how our Leader counsels obedience to the Bylaws of the Church Manual, and her constant admonitions to remain loyal to all departments of our organization?

God's Law of Blessing
November 10, 1923

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