Many times in my life I had heard the invitation to...

Many times in my life I had heard the invitation to come to the feast of spiritual things, but the way had not been made quite plain to me. At length, through sorrow and physical suffering, I was compelled to come, in fulfillment of the words given to Isaiah, "I will bring the blind by a way that they knew not."

It was several years since the cause of my physical distress had been diagnosed as an abnormality of the gall, duodenal ulcer, and hernia. I had been assured that there was no relief for any of these conditions outside of surgery; and physicians frankly told me that the results of even that were highly problematical.

Just as I was reaching what seemed to be an extremity, I was compelled to make a business trip to a distant city. With a sense of physical unfitness for the exertion attendant upon such a trip, I went in a rebellious frame of mind. On the way I more than once collapsed from weakness. Upon reaching the city, I debated as to whether I should once more seek aid from materia medica and consult a specialist; but, instead, I decided to look up a Christian Science practitioner. I almost stumbled into the office of the first one I found. I was turning to Christian Science, as I thought, only for relief from physical suffering. I knew nothing of the subject beyond having heard of some physical healings accomplished by it, and was somewhat prejudiced against it as a religion; but, wonder of wonders, the spiritual illumination came instantly, and with it a vision of the new heaven and the new earth. Happy is the memory of the trip home that day, when all nature seemed to have been washed and made clean and beautiful. I was freed from two of the physical claims instantaneously. For several weeks afterwards I went on studying spiritual things, the way growing brighter and brighter. Then suddenly the old trouble with the stomach ulcer came to the surface to be reduced to nothingness. For a few days I seemed to be walking through the "valley of the shadow." Help was sought from a practitioner in my home town on this occasion, and I was sustained and carried safely through that crisis; and I have ever since rejoiced in a sense of abundant health.

Testimony of Healing
In writing this testimony the difficulty is to know just...
November 10, 1923

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